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will you save me? [Jan. 25th, 2008|12:02 am]
Its official I'm retiring this username and I'm switching to flyaway_dreamer its time to move on. I had this username forever. I will be closing this soon.

Heath Ledger! :( I loved him. He was so talented, I feel bad for his daughter as well. It makes me a bit upset to know he's gone.

I've been hearing about so many deaths lately. It gives me anxiety. Its amazing how people are here then gone tomorrow. Really brings the hope of the resurrection to life, plus shows how unnatural death is. People aren't suppose to die.

Today started out good then went horribly wrong. My dad's car is in the shop, he took my car and it ended up running out of gas, then the battery went out on it. SO, my dad is taking my mom's van and me or my mom have to call our machanic and have him come out and try to start my car, while i call out of work cause my mom has to work. UGHHHHHHH! What a headache.

Forever the Sickest Kids are in heavy rotation. They make me happy. :D
Even though I'm listening to Minus the Bear for the simple fact that they calm me down.

Mind is racing, can't catch up to my thoughts.
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"heyyyy, you always seem to catch me when I'm lying about the stupidest of things" [Jan. 21st, 2008|10:28 pm]
with Forever The Sickest Kids
All Time Low
The Rocket Summer
The Matches
and Sonny(*gag*)

Danielle and I decided to go to the Lancaster, PA Sat, Apr 12 at the Chameleon Club-which works great for me. Whooo. Can't wait!!(if you don't see that below its because I got this list from ftsk

Pre-sale starts tomorrow Tue, January 22.
Unfortunately, I wont have any money to buy the pre-sale. First, I need to figure out which date I want to go to. I might be buying them this weekend when I get paid.

Tour Dates

Fri/3-14 Houston, TX | Warehouse
Sat/3-15 Austin, TX | SXSW (free show!)
Sun/3-16 Dallas, TX | House Of Blues
Tue/3-18 Tucson, AZ | Rialto
Wed/3-19 Phoenix, AZ | Marquee
Thu/3-20 Las Vegas, NV | Jillians
Fri/3-21 San Diego, CA | Soma
Sat/3-22 TBA (California)
Mon/3-24 Pomona, CA | Glasshouse
Tue/3-25 Los Angeles, CA | Henry Fonda
Wed/3-26 San Francisco, CA | Regency at Grand Ballroom
Thu/3-27 Sacramento, CA | Boardwalk
Fri/3-28 Portland, OR | Hawthorne
Sat/3-29 Seattle, WA | Showbox
Mon/3-31 Salt Lake City, UT | Avalon
Tue/4-01 Denver, CO | Boulder Theatre
Wed/4-02 Des Moines, IA | Peoples Court
Thu/4-03 Chicago, IL | House Of Blues
Fri/4-04 Detroit, MI | St Andrews
Sat/4-05 Toronto, ON | Phoenix Theatre
Sun/4-06 Grand Rapids, MI | Intersection
Tue/4-08 Worcester, MA | Palladium
Wed/4-09 Washington, DC | 9:30 Club
Thu/4-10 New York, NY | Irving Plaza
Fri/4-11 Philadelphia, PA | TLA
Sat/4-12 TBA
Sun/4-13 Norfolk, VA | NorVa
Tue/4-15 Charlotte, NC | Tremont
Wed/4-16 Louisville, KY | Headliners
Thu/4-17 Atlanta, GA | Masquerade
Fri/4-18 Orlando, FL | House Of Blues
Sat/4-19 Ft. Lauderdale, FL | Revolution
Sun/4-20 Tampa, FL | Jannus Landing
Tue/4-22 TBA
Wed/4-23 St. Louis, MO | Pops
Thu/4-24 TBA
Fri/4-25 TBA
Sat/4-26 TBA
Sun/4-27 Buffalo, NY | Club Infinity
Tue/4-29 Hartford, CT | venue TBA
Wed/4-30 Allentown, PA | Crocodile
Thu/5-01 Pittsburgh, PA | Diesel
Fri/5-02 Cleveland, OH | venue TBA
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2006|03:40 pm]

^By yours truly

Comment to be added! :D
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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2006|10:58 pm]
These are all of the icons I've made over the summer and would like to start fresh with Fall. I know there not all that great because this was my first time I've ever made icons so I'm still learning. Hope you all like them!

5 My Chemical Romance
1 Jared Leto(30 Seconds To Mars)
1 Tyson Ritter(All-American Rejects)
8 Panic! At the Disco
1 Brandon Flowers(The Killers)
1 Chris Martin(Coldplay)
3 Adam Brody
4 Rachel Bilson
4 Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson
3 Keira Knightley
1 be your own PET
1 Jessica Alba
1 Cillian Murphey
3 Hayden Christensen
7 Monty Python's Holy Grail
1 Privateline
1 Incredible Nothing
1 The Early November
1 Ashlee Simpson
1 Matt Friction(The Pink Spiders)
1 Collin Hanks

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